It's always Mother (Earth's) day

by Jason Hyde on May 06, 2021

It's always Mother (Earth's) day

Mother’s day is right around the corner and although you may have already gotten her (and all the mothers in your life) gifts you may want to think twice about what you can give back to Mother Earth. 

We don’t say give back lightly since, like any mother, she’s constantly giving us anything we need without asking for anything back or any appreciation whatsoever. So today, we want to bring your attention to pampering Mother Earth and a few ideas to contribute.

Let’s break it down to the elements, for a coherent line of action.

1. A gift to the earth: Something you can do to help our soils, aside from not contaminating them with litter and plastic is compost. Composting food scraps at home helps the earth by keeping methane production contained and also providing you with DIY fertilizer for your plants. If you don’t have any plants or wish to contribute to local farms, they’ll take your compost and thank you for supporting local farms and agricultural practices.

2. A gift to the water: We’ve been extensively talking about water vessels in the last blog entries yet humans are creatures of routine and repetition so we’ll keep sounding the alarm. The first thing you can do is remember the things that are better for you to avoid doing, like generating trash that ends on the ocean (single-use plastics, etc). Another thing you can do is help clean up what you can’t prevent from ending in the oceans already and organize a beach clean-up event (which is an amazing family plan, as we’ve mentioned before)

3. A gift for the air: The magic of nature is that every part of it helps sustain it as a whole, which is why everything we’ve mentioned above is also beneficial for our air. Composting keeps the methane from the landfills so it doesn’t contaminate the air, and keeping the oceans, rivers, etc clean also helps the circle of life of a ton of species like all the plants that clean the air through the process of photosynthesis.

4. A gift for the fires: Fire practices are very important to watch and not talked about much. This too comes from the preventive angle as opposed to an actual gift. But since humankind tends to abuse the gifts we receive from mother nature like an entitled and selfish little kid, it cannot be stressed enough that in the wild, we have to make use of fire safely, not leaving inflammable and dangerous trash as we go, but rather leaving places cleaner than we found them. This way we can enjoy roasting marshmallows around a bonfire without worrying about causing a wildfire accident.

So stop wasting time and start your Mother Earth’s Day gift hunt. 

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