We are committed to our planet and environment. Through the innovative practice of upcycling, Jason Hyde has ingeniously devised a sustainable method to contribute positively to our world's ecological balance.

Upcycling stands as a beacon of sustainability within the fashion industry, seeking to repurpose discarded materials into new, valuable resources, thereby minimizing waste and environmental impact. This transformative process not only breathes new life into otherwise neglected materials but also fosters a culture of creativity and resourcefulness.

By harnessing the power of upcycling, we strive to promote a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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Every year, more than 85 million tons of paper is used by Americans. That's an average of 680 pounds of paper per person each year.

80% of plastic bottles end up in landfills.

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea.

Every year, a staggering 8 million tonnes of waste find their way into our oceans.





  • Our jewelry is crafted from recycled plastic from the ocean, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional materials and helping to mitigate the impact of plastic waste on marine life.
  • We partner with organizations dedicated to cleaning up our oceans, actively participating in beach clean-up initiatives to reduce plastic pollution.
  • We prioritize the use of eco-friendly packaging materials, opting for recycled and recyclable materials to minimize our carbon footprint and reduce waste.
  • Through education and awareness campaigns, we strive to inform and inspire others to adopt more sustainable practices in their daily lives.
  • A portion of our profits goes towards supporting environmental conservation efforts, ensuring that every purchase made contributes to the preservation of our planet for future generations.
woman holding plastic bottle with "save the oceans" sign wearing sustainable bracelet
Sustainable necklaces in turquoise and red on top of bottle

We have amazing partners that help us build a greener future.


#tide ocean material® is an award-winning material resource that comes in the form of granules for plastic injection, yarn for textile applications, and filament for 3D printing.

In collaboration with #tide ocean material, we are able to create our precious jewelry with plastic charms made from granules of recycled plastic from the ocean.

This reminds us that plastic does not decompose and will stay in our oceans indefinitely unless we do something about it.



The percentage of virgin plastic present in #tide ocean material®.


#tide's upcycling process produces up to 80% less CO2 emissions than producing virgin plastics.


To this day, #tide has upcycled the equivalent of more than 30 million plastic bottles.


Clean Miami Beach, Inc is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization founded by Miami Beach resident Sophie Ringel dedicated to the protection of beautiful Miami Beach and its marine wildlife.

Sophie Ringel began by organizing cleanups of Miami Beach and the wetlands close to her home with friends. As her engagement grew and word of her commitment to a clean and safe environment for wildlife became known, her cleanup volunteers intensified to include City officials, the Miami Beach Police Department, students, teachers, and executives who care about making a difference.

At Jason Hyde, we participate in local clean ups and donate 10% of all proceeds made with WEWA Bracelets to Clean Miami Beach.

learn more about clean miami beach

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Clean Ups


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