Watching the sunrise could be part of your routine...

by Jason Hyde on Sep 09, 2021

Watching the sunrise could be part of your routine...

Sunsets are overrated and sunrises are underrated. Yes, we said what we said.
It’s said that watching the sunset consistently gives you a sense of appreciation for the earth we live on. Well, arguably the same can be said about the sun rising, but rarely you’ll hear anyone talking about their practice of watching the sunrise.
Maybe because we live in a rushed world where we’re used to staying awake until our eyes burn and snoozing the alarm until we have to run out the door. Regardless there’s something to be said about creating a routine to watch the sunrise.

For one thing, it helps you tune into daily cycles. Our body goes through cycles according to the time of day. Early morning, starting around two in the morning (although some people would still call this: the night) our brains become more active, but it’s not until around ten in the morning that we move into a cycle where our bodies are meant to be physically active and our digestive energy increases.
We move through the morning pretty actively but it’s around two in the afternoon that we are back in a stronger mental energy cycle which ends at around six when our minds and bodies naturally want to start winding down.
Imagine how your day would go if your daily routine would fall into the habit of rising and setting with the sun, using your energy and brain at their optimal levels according to the circadian cycles.
One way to get the most out of sunrise is to incorporate watching it into your sit-spot routine, that way you get two birds with one stone (which is a terrible saying to use in an eco-friendly blog but you get the point).
So go on, don't waste time, and catch some vitamin D while you’re at it.

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