Let's help Tampa and our beaches with these small actions

by Jason Hyde on Jul 22, 2021

Let's help Tampa and our beaches with these small actions
The bays of south Florida have made the news pretty often in the last two years, from rising water temperatures to red tides that lead to fish kills. Environmental enthusiasts have been calling on government officials and big corporations to stop contaminating the water bodies surrounding the state of Florida and maintain these waters as clean as possible.
We’re all about the water, remember?
South Florida has lived with year-long red tide, causing the state to close certain beaches, and pounding on the resources for cleaning up tons of dead fish washing up on shore.
There’s even a drone video circling around social media showing entire schools of fish floating around in the middle of the sea.
Preventing, controlling, and stopping the red tide efforts have been virtually in vain as of July of this year, and though the cause for it is a summary of factors, one thing we humans can control is the amount of pollution we let out to sea. Human-caused nutrient pollution (like fertilizer run-off from lawns and farms) plays a huge role in increasing the duration and severity of red tide events.

So what can you do to help save Tampa (and Biscayne) bay from algae blooms? Start small, and be conscious of where you spend your money.
Every dollar you give to any brand is a vouch for them, think of it as voting.
If you are renting out an apartment or a house, let your condominium and landlord know your thoughts on toxic fertilizers and herbicides and if you’re the owner, talk to your gardener about what options are available to keep the ocean safe from pollutants.
Share this and other articles about the dangers of red tides to our communities and water bodies with your family and friends, and let's start making a change.

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