Out with the old in with the used

by Jason Hyde on Jan 13, 2022

Out with the old in with the used


The new year is here to stay, and with it comes all the overwhelming and hated resolutions.
This year:
I’ll get fit
I’ll lose weight
I’ll buy a house
Get married
Have a baby
Travel the world...
No wonder people hate New Year’s resolutions. On the other hand, some don't make any and then are deemed undriven, at the least.
A new year means new opportunities, and we’re here to offer a way to set goals without the overwhelming pressure of resolutions.
Resolutions, like lifestyle deadlines (such as I will stick to the diet or I will work out X times a week), tend to get dropped pretty fast. Why? Well, habits take time to build, and have to be realistic with your lifestyle. Things take time and, like we’ve said here before, sometimes imperfection can turn out to be even better than perfection. Stay with us on that thought.
Less can be more and reused can be better than new. And this applies to multiple aspects of life. Hand-me-downs in all shapes and forms can give an essence of newness.
People have been revamping kitchens, houses, and cars forever, and doing so with affordable budgets is becoming a regular practice.
Revamping your closet is also amazing. Buy secondhand or used clothes, and take hand-me-downs. Sure, they’re old, but they’re new, for you.
The same can go for relationships. Who says you need to make new friends? Reconnect with the ones you have but maybe have been busy to see. Work on your relationship with your family. Don’t use drugs as bandaids and work on your good old body’s healing, he has endless possibilities.
So maybe, resolutions can be shifted, and we can start taking care of what’s really important because there is no time to waste.

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