Keeping Miami Clean and Sustainable!

by Jason Hyde on Jul 14, 2022

Keeping Miami Clean and Sustainable!


From picking up trash on a sunny beach day to creating an experience where part of the community that cares for change and making a difference and volunteers come together to clean and keep our famous and loved Miami beaches how we love to see them: sunny, hot, and clean!

On March 2019, Sophie Ringel created the 501c3 nonprofit organization in dedication to our beautiful beaches and their wildlife: Clean Miami Beach

Their mission is to promote the re-using, repurposing, and reduction of single-use plastics with the bigger goal of keeping the community and its natural habitats clean and free from harmful materials.

Plastic never really goes away, and microplastics practically stay forever

And so does their damage 

To join a clean-up, donate, or know more about them, visit:


We work with Clean Miami Beach donating part of the proceeds of every WEWA bracelet we sell! 

Shop and help.  

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