Our planet is changing.

The world is erupting with climatic environmental shifts that have given our planet a deadline. We are in danger and can soon become endangered.

No longer can we count the days of the week, and occupy them with everyday tasks without taking extra time to discuss how we can help our planet. Jason Hyde stands in favor of helping our planet and is committed to sourcing, recycling, and upcycling responsibly. We are committed to standing in favor of conservationism, sustainable practices and saving our planet responsibly.

Our mission is to have 8 Days a Week, for supporting, engaging and committing to helping our planet. 7 Days are no longer enough for saving our planet. We need more time. We need to work harder, smarter, and faster to help. Our goal is that if we each focus 8 days and not 7 days, on our environmental impact we might be able to significantly help and turn back the effects Humans have had on our planet.

Mother earth is screaming for help. Jason Hyde is committed to helping. We have committed 8 days to helping our earth heal, recover and grow.

We invite you to be fashionably sustainable. To become fashionably responsible 8 days a week.