Our OCEAN collection was not complete without rose gold plated pieces. We launched it precisely in autumn, at a time when warm and elegant colors prevail. We combine our Italian chains and metals with our alma mater RPO (recycled plastic from the ocean) to create this spirit of beauty and harmony and sustainability.

Our bangles continue to be the central element of the collection. Combined with their yellow gold-plated “brothers” they add a modern and casual touch.



For the unconditional lovers of our Ruby Eight, we have created a new collection that keeps the same elegant, sophisticated look, while maintaining our products modern and timeless. The new dials with their “sunray” theme are an indication of innovation, as well as the introduction of mother-of-pearl.

The new colors in chocolate, pink, grey, and blue provide a great variety, always keeping the seven white zircon markers and the two round red stones in number eight that give the collection its name.

MG9030 new Jason Hyde
MG 8930 Copia