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Sixty 8

Sixty 8

We have not chosen randomly the name SIXTY 8 for this collection.

Our inspiration of stripes , colors and design from the Sixties is reflected in the dials, straps and the colors we use. The number 8 is present across our brand as part of our Eight Days a Week philosophy: to add an eighth day every week dedicated to help the environment.

The new size of the watch cases ( 42 mm and 34 mm) for both men and women, as well as their more minimalist design, bring a diverse offer for our customers and friends . Always highlighting our eco-friendly straps, this time more colorful and fun, reminding us that there is “NO TIME TO WASTE” in regards to our planet.

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New sustainable jewelry made of plastic from the Ocean.

We are proud to be able to collaborate with TIDE.EARTH contributing to improve our planet using recycled plastic from the Ocean and transforming it into jewels of elegant and timeless design. We have painted our Italian chains with acrylic paint of the same color as the recycled plastic chip, giving a touch of originality and distinction to our pieces. Likewise, the cylinders of our magnet bracelets are covered with recycled plastic and provide a sporty and comfortable touch to the entire line. Join our movement across the planet and put on an upcycled avant-garde piece Jason Hyde! #handsupfortheplanet


New colored collection

We wanted to give a color note to our existing AMBER collection, transforming the amber glass into crystals of different colors but always retaining the Texon waterproof recycled paper strap. The new Amber also stands out for its elegant but sporty design,with its brushed steel case and stitching on the strap. The pastel colors of the crystals and paper straps make it a unisex and unconventional watch.

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