Get completely magnetized by our new men’s bracelets in different sizes and colors.

You will not only enjoy a comfortable, modern, and original bracelet, but you will also make a statement wearing it, since the bracelet magnet is covered by our signature RPO (Recycled Plastic from the Ocean). You are helping our planet and our oceans wearing our products. Of course, without forgetting the “fashion” touch of our high-quality Italian chains!

Collaborate, but also enjoy our collection. There is no time to waste when it comes to our planet!



We didn’t want to create the traditional rigid bangle. We wanted a bold and modern bracelet that could keep it shape like a bangle, but with an easier and quicker way to wear it. We came out with a bracelet made with memory wire and hard temper metal which allows the wire to return to its shape every time you use it.

In terms of design, the classical semi-precious stones have been replaced by our signature RPO (Recycled Plastic from the Ocean). You not only wear an elegant and timeless pieces, but you contribute to clean our Oceans.

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