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Composting at home, read all about it

Day 67 at home? (or sixty-something, because who’s really counting anymore?) We are sure that by now you’ve already baked 300 banana breads, re-did your whole wardrobe with tie dye, got ripped with the numerous trending at-home workouts and finally went back to the baking spree (like making bread from scratch) and gained all that weight back.

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The world is changing, lets change with it!

Staying home is not an easy task, we do it for us, and the ones we love.

BUT, while we are trying to hold up inside, the world is changing. The truth is, there have been a few changes in fauna and the environment, functional changes. The question is, how can we help to keep the healing going?

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Partnering with TIDE

Why did we partner with TIDE?

This is a question we get quite a lot. The answer is very simple. BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT OUR PLANET.

TIDE is a company that uses its own granular material which is compounded with the help of solar energy – and made completely from plastic collected from the ocean and coastlines – all kinds of plastic, not just PET bottles.

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